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Sri Ramanuja Day Celebration , 1998 (981st Thirunakshthram )

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri May 01 1998 - 20:41:15 PDT

Dear Bhakthi /Prapatthi Group Members :

Today has been a blessed day ! 

Reading the postings of Srimans MadhavakkaNNan ,
MuraLi RangaswAmy , KaraLapAkkam KomAndUr ELayavalli
Anantha PadmanAbha Daasan , ParthasArathy Dileepan 
has been a great source of Joy and comfort .
This day has been well lived .

The announcement of Sriman ParthasArathy Dileepan 
about the URL for the 108 Divya Desam CD ROM project 
was like " Pazham nazhuvi Paalil vizhunthathu polE "
( Like a ripe fruit got loosened from the branch and
fell inside the vessel of milk ) . The content in these
home pages are the most beautiful and the images particularly
justify the title of Virtual pilgrimage to these divya desams .

I had the good frotune of browsing the pages  on this day 
and I think all of our sincere thanks are to Sriman Dileepan
for a most briliant and substantive kaimkaryam to 
the SrivaishNavA Community. Nothing like this has existed
before and this CD ROM will be a great gift to generations .

May Lord RanganAthA bless Sri Dileepan to complete this
elaborately detailed and time consuming project successfully
over the next few months .

Daasan Sadagopan