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Some thoughts on Bhakti Group

From: Lakshmanan, Gopaul (Gopaul)** CTR ** (
Date: Fri May 01 1998 - 14:21:24 PDT


  srIvAsa ranga parakAla munitrayAbtha
lakshmAtma rakshaNa yatitva yugAgamAntam
achArya Bhakti paripUtamanarGha Sheelam
Gopala Desika Munim GurumAshrayAma:

Dear Sri Vaishanvaites:

In my humble opinion, this forum is something like "Sanka Palagai".  Unworthy
postings may vaporize and will be lost in cyberspace like the unworthy works
of poets which will not stay on the "Sanka Palagai" only to be drowned.  With
that in mind and with a little trepidation, I place the following few lines.

The writings of all learned Bhaghavataas has infused lot of Sri Vaishnavam
related thoughts in us - how to be a Sri Vaishanava and so on.  My wife and I
have learnt considerably in the last few months since we started subscribing
to the Bhakti Group.   

We are very grateful to Sri MadhavaKannan and Dr.Sadagopan especially.  I
have a friend who has lot of respect for Sri Chakravarthy
Rajagopalachariar(Rajaji, the first Governor General of Free India).  When
some prominent person has passed away and comments about that person are
printed in the (HINDU) newspaper, he would always look for Sri Rajaji's
comments first since Sri Rajaji's opinion of the deceased would always be
exact and truthful, unique in his perspective.  In a similar manner, as soon
as I see that I have mail from the Bhakti Group, I first look to see and read
what Sri. MadhavaKannan has written on that day.  I read it first (sorry Dr.
Sadagopan and others - no disrespect) and then read the rest of the mail.  

The MahaKalyanams of Divya Dampathi's - SITA RAMA KALYANAM and ANDAL KALYANAM
were celebrated in grand style on April 18 at Livingston by Sri Ranganatha
Seva Samithi. In addition to the normal Kalyana proceedings there was
procession of the idols.  The idols were taken out and placed on Unjal.
Devotional songs were sung when the Gods were enjoying the gentle sway of the
swing.  There was also "pidi sutharathu" (throwing of colored rice after
"drushti pidikkarathhu") by sumangalis.  The Divya Dampathis were entertained
to song and dance after the marriage by adults and some talented youngsters.
Dr.Sadagopan's writings on the marriage ceremony was a delightful guide in
understanding the proceedings of the divine weddings. 

We were very fortunate to hear a lucid lecture on "Philosophy of Alwaars" by
Dr. S.M.S. Chari last Sunday, April 26th at Dr. M.G. Prasad's house.  We
understand he is in California and those of you out there in the west should
arrange to hear him speak and not miss an opportunity to meet with this
learned person.  Speaking with Srimathi Chari after the lecture, we learnt
that the Charis have visited all the Divya Desams(106).  This is the first
time we had the blessings of a couple who had visited all the Divya Desams.

Thanks to Sri Mani and others who are maintaining this forum.  It gives a
chance for sinner like me to cleanse our souls.  May this work continue with
the blessings of Shriman Narayana and His Consort.



adiYen dAsan