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Re: Sri Ramanujacharya's Tirunakshatram

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (
Date: Fri May 01 1998 - 10:43:41 PDT

At 08:57 AM 5/1/1998 -0700, muralidhar rangaswamy wrote:

>(5) Be of assistance to a Sri Vaishnava who follows the five 
>    commands.


>..... As a first step, when one 
>undertakes Bhagavata Kaimkaryam, the Karmic influences naturally 
>lead the individual to greater heights.

A twist to this is that the starting point is also the ending point.  It is
said that the culmination of all the study of vedas, bhashyam, and all the
bhagavath kainkaryam finally must end with Bhaagavatha Kainkaryam.  There
is no greater purushartham than service to Vishnu Bhakthas.  In Tamil this
is called "ellai nilai", i.e. the final stage.  This theme is voiced by
many great souls.  In ThirupaLLiyeszhuchchi's final verse Thondaradippodi
Azhvaar says that the reason he wants the Lord to wake up from His yoga
nidra is to put himslef into the loving service of Bhagavathas, "un
adiyaarkku atpaduththaay paLLiyezhundharuLaayE."  But today being Sri
Ramanuja Jayanthi the last but one verse of "iraamunasa nooRRandhaathi" is
most fulfilling:

"inbuRRa seelath thiraamaanusa, enRum evvidaththum
enpuRRa nOyudal thORum piRanthiRanthu eNNariya
thunpuRRu veeyinum solluvathonRuNdun thodtargatkE
anpuR Rirukkum pati,ennai yaakkiyaNG kaatpaduththE."   INA 107

(O! Ramanuja!, the one with blissful nature!, 
      permit me to say this to you,
even if I endure cycles of birth and death,
      filled with grief and decease,
ennoble me by making me remain affectionate
      to your devotees at all times and all places.)

On a different subject, with the unfailing encouragement from Sri
Sadagopan, the work on 108 DD pages has now started taking 
shape.  Sri Rangam is almost complete (but not quite).   On this auspicious
day of Sri Ramanuja thirunakshathram who gave us the  incomparable Gadya
Thraiyam at Sri Rangam, please do visit the Sri Rangam page.  Rudimentary
pages for the 11 Northern DDs are also ready.  All of these pages are under
construction.  Comments and suggestions are welcome.

-- adiyEn