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18 Visits of Sri Ramanuja to ThirukkOttiyoor Nambhi

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri May 01 1998 - 02:34:15 PDT


SrImathE Ramaanujaaya Namah:

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

The Greatest AchAryA is our Dearest Sri RamanujacharyA. He is also 
called YatirAjar, Udaiyavar and Emperumaanaar. Today is Our AchAryA's 
Thirunakshathram. He was an excellent administrator, compassionate Guru, 
obedient SishyA and established Sri Ramanuja Siddhaantham.  He had 
visited ThirukkOttiyoor Nambhi 18 times for getting Thirumanthra 
upadEsam. Each time, it appears Nambhi uttered a statement to YatirAjA 
every time visited Nambhi and he finally gave Sri RamanujA Thirumanthra 
upadEsam. Following are those 18 statements:

1. For jnAnis who are born in this world, he does not get attached to 
the worldly matters. To attain mOksham, one has to get rid of further 

2. The light, that is born from the fire (or lit), is stable and steady 
only when there is a gentle breeze. Similarly, once when sAtvik tendency 
crops up in one's mind, ahankaara, mamakaarangaL will vanish and then 
only the seed of future births will start getting removed slowly.

3. Unless ahankaara, mamakaarangaL go off, the attachment to the 
physical body (dEhaabhimaanam)  will not go away; 

4. Unless dEhaabhimaanam goes off, Athma jnAnam will not be born.

5. Unless Athma jnAnam is born, there will NOT be any disliking and 
hatred towards material wealth and sensual desires.

6. Unless there exists a disinterest and hatred towards material wealth 
and sensual pleasures, Bhagawadh Bhakti will NOT come.

7. The attachment to five senses will automatically vanish when Bhawadh 
Bhakti is born.

8. Unless the attachment to five senses and sensual desires go off, 
Paarathanthriyam will not be born.

9. Paarathanthriyam leads one to stay away from running after money, 
kaamam, dwEsham, etc..

10. Unless dWesham, kaamam go off, Sri VaishNavam will not materialize.

11. Sri VaishNathvam, gets the recognition from other Saatviks. 

12. That Saatvik angheekaaram (recognition/acceptance) lead one to 
BhAgawatha angheekaaram.

13. BhAgawatha angheekaaram lead to Bhagawadh angheekaaram.

14. Unless Bhagawath angheekaaram is obtained, one will not be able to 
ask for any other fruits ECXCEPT for Bhagawaan alone.

15. Unless one gets over the desire for other fruits, he will not get 
the Athma lakshaNam of being an eternal servant to Emperumaan.

16. Unless one gets such jnAnam that the AthmA is the eternal servant to 
Emperumaan alone, he will not get th jnAnam that Bhagawaan ALNOE is the 
MEANS (upaayam) for attaining His Lotus Feet.

17. Unless one gets such a jnAnam that Bhagawaan is the upaayam, he does 
not get to become a VaishNavan at all.


Emperumaanaar Sri RamanujAchAryA is the Greatest AchAryA, who 
surrendered at the Lotus Feet of Divya Damapti as the only means and end 
for him, and who considered all others as just grass. 

Let us surrender at the Lotus Feet of our dearest compassionate AchAryA 
and pray for His grace and mercy to save us.

Emperumaanaar ThiruvadigaLE sharaNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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