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Sriman T.S.Sundararajan 's Excellent posting on Ekadasis

From: V. Sadagopan (75041.3037_at_CompuServe.COM)
Date: Thu May 29 1997 - 18:44:59 PDT

Dear BhakthAs : It was good to read about the references
to Varaha PurANam ( Bhumi Devi-Varaha PerumAn's sambhAshaNA ) , 
Sri NarAyaNeeyam and Parasara Bhattar's successors 
reading Kaisika PurANam at the great temple of
Srirangam . 

The related thoughts on Parasara Bhattar's reading of the Kaisika
MahAthmyam housed in the VarAha PurANam ( chapter 48) are: 

Bhattar's recitation of the 92 verses of chapter 48 of varaha PurANam
before the Lord on the midnight of  Sukla Paksha
Kaisika EkAdasi of Kaisika PurAnam evoked such deep feelings of
Bhakthi that the assembled Brahmins carried Bhattar on a palanquin
( Brahma Ratham ) around the streets of Srirangam . A Latter day 
commentator known as Sribhashyam NaraayaNA refers to this incident
in the preface to his commentary on Bhattar's SriguNarathna Kosam this way :

" SriranganAtha.. kaisikhapurANa -sravaNa samuddhitha 
   mahimOllAsitha -bhaasura -rangaramaNa - karuNAsamaasAdhita 
   Brahamratha Vaibhava :  "

Bhattar wrote mostly in Sanskrit except for twoTamil works.
One is the paraphrase of kaisika mahAthmyam and the other
is the commentary on a particular stanza of Thirumangai mannan's
ThirunedumthAndakam . In the Kaisika purANa commentary , Bhattar
extolls the significance of singing the Lord's vaibhavam during 
Brahma Muhartham and points out that all the AvathArams of the Lord 
are of great significance , since they relate to the UpayA for Moksham .

V. Sadagopan