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From: K. Giridharan (
Date: Wed May 28 1997 - 22:09:06 PDT

	Thanks for inviting me to the list. I am Giridharan Krishnamurthy,
age 29, an electronics engr by profession in Madras, India, born,
studied and working all in Madras! Started some prelim study in 
Advaita vedanta. Then I got interested in Vishishtadvaita and
other Dharsanas. More than any of this, I am interested in life
history of Alwars and other saints, Sthala puranams of Divya desams
and generally like to know about Bhagawan and Bhagavathas! 
Visited Sri Vaishnava home page and Parthasarathy Perumal there is
my most favourite!!
Thanks and hope to hear interesting things.