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karmA and sharaNagathi - Someone Please clarify

From: Raja Krishnasamy (
Date: Thu May 22 1997 - 10:54:08 PDT

There has been a lot of postings on this subject in recent timesin this
group.  However, I have either missed the point or not seen an answer to
this question.

Can a person forget all his earthly duties and follow the path of
sharaNagathi - such as a grihasthan to solely follow the path of
sharaNagathi or even take sanyasam before providing for his family?  How
do our scriptures address this issue ?  What did some of our
paramacharyas go through before attaining sanyasam, just so they can
devote time towards all that is God ?

If it is right for such a person to do so, then why the contradiction in

"sarva dhrmAn parithyajya mAm ekam sharaNam vaja"

My interpretation - thanks to Dr. Shri Venkatachari's talk at New Jersey

render your duties faithfully, correctly, in the path of Dharma, and
then think of me ...

Where is my thinking flawed ?

Raja Krishnasamy
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