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Sapta lokam

From: Vasudha Narayanan (
Date: Fri May 16 1997 - 09:55:19 PDT

Respected members of the prapatti group:
Several years ago I bought a book called "Ikshvaku kula dhanam ennum
Sriranga mahatmyam" in Srirangam.  In that book, they describe the seven
circles around the temple as referring to Bhulokam, Bhuvarlokam, suvarlokam,
maharlokam, janolokam, tapolokam and satyalokam.  I would like to know more
about these seven lokams; in the Bhagavatam I was able to find the seven
dvipas and also the seven narakas, but not these seven lokams (I have not
checked the Vishnu Puranam yet).  Could someone kindly tell me more about
these seven lokams and what they mean? Thanking you, Vasudha Narayanan