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Sri Ramanuja Charya's Thirunakshaththiram

From: Satyan, Nagu (MSMAIL) (
Date: Wed May 14 1997 - 12:15:53 PDT

From: Satyan, Nagu on Wed, May 14, 1997 1:13 PM
Subject: Sri Ramanuja Charya's Thirunakshaththiram
To: bhakti digest

Colorado NAMA Chapter observed Sri Ramanuja Charya's 
Thirunakshaththiram on Saturday, 10 May 1997 to coincide with Arudra 
or Thuruvadarai star occurence.  We had about 35 adults and 10 
children who attended the function.  We started with recital of Sri 
Purusha Sooktham, followed by Sri Sooktham, Sri Lakshmi Ashtothram and 
Thirupallaandu.  To keep the children involved, we had asigned a 
parent/child team to relate incidents in the life of our Acharya.  One 
child talked about Sri Ramanuja and Yadhava Prakasha; the second team 
talked about his five Acharyas and their respective role in the 
education, the third set read about Sri Ramanuja's efforts in writing 
Sri Bhashyam with the help of his disciple Sri Koorath Azhwan and the 
last team discussed about the reasons and his move to Melkote.  Then a 
few of the attendees tried to recite Sri Ramanuja Nootrandaadi by 
following Sri Sevilmedu's recordings.  At the end we recited 
Sarrumurai and had prasadam.

It was a very pleasant experience to see the interests and great 
efforts put in by the children ranging from 8 to 12 years.  Many of 
the adults were open to admit that they learnt about our Acharya from 
the children.  There were a few members who came for the first time 
and were glad that they participated in this function.  

Even though Our efforts are at the grass roots level, hopefully it 
will help nourish the interests and curiosity of beginners of all ages.

Nagu Satyan