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Sadagopan's posting on Grace

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Mon May 12 1997 - 14:34:37 PDT

I think Sri Sadagopan's posting from Dr. SMS CHari's views is very
appropriate.  I was going to do that "quite a difficult task" to comprehend
and summarize the same.  Sri Sadagopan, thanks a lot. In fact I was
discussing these issues with him just a few days back. He told me that much
of his views on Alwar's pasurams and references to concept of Grace are not
in the book on Vaishnavism but in his new book : Mysticism and Philosophy
of Alwars, which is about to be printed.  He said that he will send me that
particular chapter, which can be published on the net (he permitted me to
do so).  This will have deeper insights with quotes from alwar's pasurams.  

In fact, the term nirhetuka krpa in Mani's post and SMS's views are
slightly different. As I read it, Nirhetuka krpa in SMS's book is more
towards - sahaja karunya- or common grace which operates as: creation,
providing body, indriyas and other amenities to all etc.  Nirhetuka krpa in
Mani's post tended towards the increased interest God has to protect
everyone and in case of prapatti or moksa, how it operates in a
asymmetrically larger power than the value of prapatti or sadhana or any
sort. SMS tends to incorporate this dimension of Grace as just a Guna or
Attribute of God.

I have to thank Sri Sundar Rajan, for stirring these issues.  Irrespective
of different view points, a true seeker, should think on these issues of
Grace to get a better grasp of what our "hita" or path to God.  I
personally believe in true seeking of information and to get convinced
about what I should do, irrespective of the tradition I hail from or the
view points that I have heard so far in my life.

Once I get SMS chari's post, I will try to put it on the net.

Krishna Kalale
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