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Re: Corrections

From: Vidyasankar Sundaresan (
Date: Fri May 09 1997 - 14:16:27 PDT

> b) Jaganath has asked me to point out that Sri Madhvacharya
>    was born in the 12th century and thus predates Vedanta Desika,
>    not post-Manavala MaamunigaL as he originally wrote.
>    In fact Vedanta Desika refers to Madhvacharya's views 
>    occasionally in a few of his works.

Volume 4 of S. N. Dasgupta's History of Indian Philosophy quotes the Udipi
matha records as giving a date of 1240 AD or so for Madhvacharya's birth.
That makes his date the 13th century, although he would still predate Sri
Vedanta Desika's period.