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From: krish (
Date: Thu May 08 1997 - 04:45:21 PDT

Dear Baghvath-o-thamah,
Let me thank you all for the postings that have been enlightening.
I have been able to know or contact people from my locality in Madras
or meet others with same surnames.
I want to thank in particular, Mrs. Prathivadi from Dc area, who
was kind enough to send me tapes on stotras and the Veda. The
chanting of the Sahasranam with some vedic hymns of Lord Vishnu
is very absorbing, not only to me who was brought up to chant
it on a regular basis but also to my wife, a Westerner and my son
who hsa been brought up here. The sonorous was easily puts one
in meditation. 
I met a Prof. Rama Rao, who retired from U of Washington English
department. He said he has translated Purandradasa and it is published
by the Michigan State U Press. The recent note by Mani prompts me
to give ut this information.
Thank you again.
Krishna Praba