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Re: Swami Desikan on karma and prapatti

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (
Date: Wed May 07 1997 - 07:22:31 PDT

At 04:02 AM 5/7/97 +0000, Mohan Sagar wrote:
>This does not close our conversation, though, Mr. Dileepan.  Since we have
>started this interesting  topic on karma and prapatti, why not continue it
>in the spirit of cooperative study of our two kalais as alluded to by Sri
>Sadagopan?  I request you to provide an elaboration on the role of karma in
>prapatti as taught by Swami Desikan. 

The excerpt I provided from Chapter 23 of Srimad RTS provides a very direct
explanation of the role that karma plays in our Lord planting the mind set
that ultimately blossoms within us to seek out our Lord as the upaya and
upeya.  I am about to go away to India for a couple of months and therefore
I am afraid I can't participate in this discussion any further.  But I
think that is no loss to this group as there are many knowledgeable people
who would present these topics in a much more lucid way than I ever could.

Thank you.

-- Dileepan

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