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Swami Desikan on karma and prapatti

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Tue May 06 1997 - 21:02:33 PDT

I do not wish to continue in my efforts to prove that Swami Desikan did not
consider the performance of karmas as being part of prapatti, for this idea
may very well be the result of my own lack of understanding.  As I stated
before, my exposure to RTS is very limited.  I do not want to risk further
misrepresentation of the noble teachings of Sri Swami Desikan by continuing
to muse on his works with such limitations.

So, as suggested by Mr. Dileepan, I express my apologies to Mr. Kalale on
questioning his interpretation of Swami Desikan's teachings.  However, I
would like to point out that I, like Mani, was not questioning Mr. Kalale's
knowledge at all, but was only expressing concern regarding certain common
misconceptions of SriVaishnavism that are prevelant both within and outside
our community.

I would like to leave further discussion of Mr. Kalale's posting to Mani,
for I am sure that he is much more knowledgable on the issues involved.

This does not close our conversation, though, Mr. Dileepan.  Since we have
started this interesting  topic on karma and prapatti, why not continue it
in the spirit of cooperative study of our two kalais as alluded to by Sri
Sadagopan?  I request you to provide an elaboration on the role of karma in
prapatti as taught by Swami Desikan.  In turn, I will present some thoughts
on the same from the standpoint of Pillai Lokacharya and Manavalamamunigal.
I think that such a discussion will help us understand the similarities and
differences  between the two points of view and may serve to complement the
postings of Sri Sadagopan and Mani.

Please reply with your thoughts on this.

Daasanu Dasan,