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News from Srirangam

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Tue May 06 1997 - 11:24:51 PDT

News from Keshava Dasan and Bhakti Devi, two of our erstwhile
members. They used to live in Hawaii and are now living in
Srirangam to experience the Lord more directly

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Subject:       Re: srirangam
Date:          Tue, 6 May 1997 18:04:20 IST+530

Dear Mani and friends, I had a crashed hard disk for the last three 
months and couldn't send any mail. Please forgive me. But now I'm 
back online. I'm off to Kodaikanal tomorrow May 7th for a week or 
two. We just witnessed our first Chitirai Ter festival on the 5th of 
May. It was wonderful all the villagers from around Sri Rangam came 
and pulled the Ter. We even saw some fellows in trance breaking 
coconuts on their heads in front of the Chariot.

adiyen ramanuja dasan

Keshava das

more later
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