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Re: Misconception

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (
Date: Mon May 05 1997 - 10:38:22 PDT

Dear Bhakthi members:

I had a long talk with Sri Mani and exchanged a few e-mails with Sri.
Varadhan yesterday.  Sri. Mani clarified that his concern about
misconception was not about the official Vadakalai position, but only about
what common Sri Vaishnavas tend to believe.  Had I understood it in this
way, the intensity of my objections would not have crossed the threshold
for making them public.  He has promised to elaborate further.

Regarding Sri. PBA's words, I am still a little confused about the intent
behind the words.  But I shall seek clarifications from learned scholars
here and in India.  Let me assure everyone that I have only the highest
respect for Sri. PBA and what I want to do is to understand, even if I end
up not agreeing.  

Sri Varadhan's gracious post to this group yesterday shows I may have
overstated my objections in this matter.  I seek the forbearance of this
group.    I hope this little controversy will bring us closer than before
and help us debate issues freely.

Thank you Sri V. Sadagopan, for your calming words of wisdom.

Thank you.

-- Dileepan