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Re: Misconception

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (
Date: Sun May 04 1997 - 12:46:38 PDT

Dear Sri. Varadhan:

Thank you for your clarifications.  Sri. PBA's quotations you had provided
earlier did leave room for different interpretations.  That is why I had
requested clarifications from you.  As a matter of fact I had asked
specific questions.  For your convenience I am providing the url of that
post from bhakthi digest below:

If you wish to answer these questions via e-mail, I have no problem.

Please be assured, I have only respect for Sri Vaishnavas in general and
the utmost respect for paramaikaanthins such as Sri PBA.  I was not
questioning Sri PBA's motives as you seem to suspect.  Since Sri PBA's
words you quoted left questions in its wake I wanted clarifications.  What
am I to think if genuine questions are left unanswered?  I hope asking for
clarifications is not equated with making accusations in this forum.


Sri Prathivaathi Bhayangaram ANNangrachariyaar thiruvadigaLE saraNam

-- Dileepan

p.s. I hope you find time to resume your contributions on Sri Manavala
Maamunigal.  I would be grateful if you could write more about Sri PBA
also.  Since you seem to have had first hand experience with this great
Acharya it would truly be a treat to hear about him from you.