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Grace - part 0

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Sat May 03 1997 - 11:28:36 PDT

An interesting turn of events is bringing about this series of postings.  I
had not intended to send the short note concurring with Mani, because I
realized soon after writing it that I should hold off until Mr. Kalale had a
chance to clarify himself.  Unfortunately, I forgot to remove the message
from my outbasket, and it was automatically sent when I downloaded E-mail on
Thursday.  But, to paraphrase my own statements, perhaps this is good in
some way.

So, the following is my elaboration, in response to Mr. Dileepan, on this
unintentionally sent message.  But, I would like to take this a little
further and examine Mr. Kalale's follow up message, on the question of Grace
and its limits.  I am going to make this discussion very generic, because I
would be interested in hearing Mani's insights on the seeming misconceptions
that started this discussion.

Much of the following are as much my own musings and observations as they
are discussions based on what I have read on the subject of Grace as it
relates to Prapatti. 

But first a few thoughts on my own shortcomings.  Being of Andhra origin,
and having grown up in the US (albeit in a devout but ecclectic
environment,) at times makes me feel completely unqualified to even call
myself a SriVaishnava, let alone engage in deep philosophical discussions
with such Bhagavathas as those of you in this forum.   My level of active
participation comes from my sheer joy in having the opportunity to engage in
such discussions with all of you.  If I may be overstepping my bounds,
please do correct me, for I desire to be nothing more than a student in this

With that, my thoughts on Grace.... <continued>

Daasanu Daasan,