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From: M K Sudarshan (
Date: Fri May 02 1997 - 23:42:05 PDT

Dear friends,
I have concluded the short story I said I'd post.

I hope many of you liked it.  

As I made clear at the very beginning, I'm not claiming any "pramANam" for
my short-story which is only a personal adaptation of an incident from the

Sri.Mukkur Swamy II has nothing to do with my short-story.

The only thing that I have borrowed from his "kalapshEpam" -- the real
inspiration, in fact, if I may call it that -- is the incident about
Bharatha being treated like a widow by the people of AyodhyA when he
secretly visits the Sarayu river for a ritual-bath in the cold months of
"dhanuR". And it has been narrated that Lord Rama in Dandakaranya did grieve
over the sad plight of his dear brother in AyodhyA.

This incident is true and it has plenty of "pramaNam" for all those avid
"pramANam"-seekers on the "bhakti-list". And anyone who doubts it can check
with Sri.Mukkur Swamy himself.

As far as my adaptation goes, yes, it is my own personal "anUbhavam".It is
the way I have been able to appreciate this incident from the Ramayana. Is
there anything wrong in  it ? Have I been untrue to the original except in
the idiom used?

One may not have any enthusiasm for my short-story. 

Fair enough.

But please do not needlessly conclude from my writings that I'm one of those
who believe Lord Rama is a "demi-god" or a Being "less-than-God"!

It is not fair, at all.

It is better to leave judgment of how far an individual's "anubhavam" is
genuine the Lord Himself. It is purely a matter between man and his