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Re: Response to some BHAKTI issues

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (
Date: Fri May 02 1997 - 04:54:41 PDT

At 12:14 AM 5/2/97 +0000, Mohan Sagar wrote:
>With all due respect to Mr. Kalale, I would have to concur with Mani
>regarding these misconceptions.

I request Sri Mohan Sagar to expand on this.  Since Sri. Krishna did not
say anything about Sri. PL or MM there is no question of misunderstanding
them.  As far as Swami Sri Desikan is concerned I would like the objectors
to clearly prove that Sri Krishna's stated views are misconceptions.  Just
asserting will not do.  Please be mindful that one must first understand
what Sri Krishna is saying before labelling it to be misconceptions.  I
hope this time my request for elaboration will be answered unlike the
previous instances.

Thanks, Dileepan