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e. mail from Sampath Rangarajan dated May 20,1996
Date: Thu May 23 1996 - 14:34:16 PDT

Mr. Sampath Rangarajan has written while referring to my statement-

" KUYILGAL : refers to Acharyas like Nathamuni " as follows -

" I have a question on the above. The chronology of Nathamuni may conflict
with Aandaal's. So, this may mean the Acharyas prior to Andal"

Reply :

I did not mean to say that Nathamuni preceded Andal or vice versa. The word
Kuyilgal can be taken to mean Acahryas. I have said ' like Nathamuni' as an
example for the information of  our peers. May be I should have omitted the
words ' like Nathamuni"

A reading of the Arulicheyals of Alwars will show that references to various
Avatars or other events are always jumbled and not in strict chronological
sequence. Similarly, in the Bashyams ( Coomentaries), Vrittis ( Brief
aphorisms), Tippani ( a less formal kind of notes), Vaartika ( critical
analyses and elaboration of Bashyas), and  Tikkas
( Explanations in simpler language) written by The Great Acharyas and Poorva
Acharyas, the chronological sequence has not been kept up very strictly.
Wherever they found parallels, they drew them to better illustrate the point
at issue.

Thanks for the point made.

Anbil Ramaswamy