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e. mail dated May 22, 1996 from Jaganath Bharadwaj
Date: Thu May 23 1996 - 14:37:16 PDT

Jaganath Bharadwaj has written -,

" I have a question. I remeber reading Garuda being on Arjuna's dwaja. To my
knowledge only Hanumam was on Arjuna's dwaja. THis has even been stated by
Ramanujacharya in the Geetha bashya. It would be unlikely that he (Ramanuja)
would mention Hanuman and leave out Garuda if both of them were present on
the dwaja"

It is correct that Hanuman was atop the dwaja of Arjunas' chariot. But,
Garuda reincarnated himself as the very chariot of Arjuna ( not in the flag
as stated in my article on Periyalwar) . I would request the members to
incorporate the correction as aforesaid.

Thanks for the correction., Mr jaganath

Anbil Ramaswamy