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Explanation on ' Pitambara'
Date: Thu May 23 1996 - 14:34:20 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas. 
While posting about Periyalwar, I had mentioned that " as the processsion
emerged out
there appeared on the sapphire skies, Lord Vishnu in his proverbial pink
( Pitambara) "

Mr Mani asked and rightly-
" Is not Pitambara a yellow-colored garment? This is how Krishna is normally
pictured in the devotional paintings I have seen. "

I give below my  PROVISIONAL explanation which I had sent in a private mail
to Mr. Mani. I am posting this in the net because Mr. Mani had raised it in
the net. I shall be back with a final reply as soon as I get a clarification
from my Acharyas who have mentioned on the lines stated by me
Anbil Ramaswamy

Subj:	Missing digests#2.71 and 2.75
Date:	96-05-18 23:17:27 EDT
From:	VVijay1068

Dear Mani, 
I have not received Bhakti Digests # 2.71 and 2.75.
I will be much obliged if you can arrange to transmit them to me to make my
collection complete. Thanks.

Regarding Pitambaram, the word ' Pita '  does mean yellow but I have heard
scholors saying in Kalakshepams  that it is not the kind of yellow we come
across with reference to ' Manjal Veshti' used during marriages or by those
visiting Tirupathi. These are deep yellow in color.  Yellow  has several
hues,  one that is whiteish ( like artificial Pattu ) or natural original
that is slightly pinkish  which goes by the name of ' Patala pita '. A
similar difference can be noticed  as between cultured pearl which is bright
white in color and the real original  pearl of a slightly different ' shade

Also, it can be seen that the Lord is described as wearing pure white - vide
"SUKLA AMBARA DHAARAM Vishnum Sasi Varnam Chatur Bhujam". In this context,
the word Sukla meas ' White'.  In fact any color would suit the Lord as can
be seen from the colorful attire he is donned in temples - like even Green as
 in Sri Parthasarathy temple.

Anyway, this is only a provisional reply. I did not wish to rush with an
explanation without consulting our Acharyas in Srirangam . As  H.H. the
Jeeyar is  presently in Sancharam, I cannot reach him rightaway. The process
naturally takes time, but I can assure you that I will certainly get back to
you on the subject as soon as I get a clarification.

I would once again request you NOT to raise these points in the Public Net
since I would not be able to reply at once because of  the  verification
 MISTAKEN BY THE GENERAL READERSHIP. I would appreciate if you address your
doubts and concerns by PRIVATEMAIL.  I assure that they will receive as
prompt a  consideration as any public mail would. I am sure you will
appreciate my position.

I would appreciate your feedback on my postings on Andal. If there are  any
corrections to be  made, I will obliged if anyone were to point out. And, any
words of appreciation would certainly enthuse me into improving my

With best wishes,
Anbil Ramaswamy