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Re:A Dialog on Hinduism

From: R.Srikanth (
Date: Fri May 17 1996 - 09:32:41 PDT

Dear Bhagavatas,
I hope you wouldn't mind if I raise a minor question in regard to the 
beautiful and profound piece "Dialog on Hinduism post #6". 
  Here the invisibility of the jiva and the vital airs are to taken to imply
their atomicity. Would I be right to assume that the atomicity refers to the
constituent particles?  According to another interprettation, which in fact
has been borne out by the experience of certain evolved souls,
subtler bodies underlie our gross body eg., the sUkshma
sharira (Subtle body) and the subtler Karana sharira (Causal Body). What leaves
the body at death is the sUkshma sharira and the subtler bodies it encloses.
(sUkshma sharira contains the mind, and the experience of
after-death states in accord with one's deeds in the preceeding lifetime are
experienced in this body)
All these subtler bodies are unvisible because they are composed of finer
constituents. Sometimes, "finer" is
understood to mean that they exist in a higher vibrational state. I could not 
understand in what sense. Perhaps it means that the finer particles that
constitute the subtle bodies present (in physical  terms) very small ("atomic")
interaction cross-sections (like neutrinos) to visible matter. Perhaps they
exist in a different physical dimension that may be difficult to visualize
from our conventional sense experience. 
I hope you all do not mind this trifling point. Thank you.
Hari Om