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Follow-up to Thiruvaheendrapuram Temple Renovation Appeal

From: Venkatesan N R (
Date: Mon May 13 1996 - 09:19:21 PDT

Dear Prapatti Members,

   I've got a few responses to my posting on Thiruvaheendrapuram.   At the
outset I would like your pardon for some silly spelling mistakes which escaped
my eyes.

   Regarding the contribution to the temple kainkaryam,  Sri P Dileepan has
suggested that it be done through the good offices of the Ahobila Mutt 
in Arlington VA.  This would help in reduction of collection charges for the
temple authorities and tax exemption can be claimed by the US residents.

  Sri Jagannath has set up a project by name Thiruvaheendrapuram.  Anybody
interested in sending money to the above project must mark the name 
name of project, viz. Thiruvaheendrapuram on the face of the check.  

The checks may be please be sent to

Sri Ahobila Mutt
C/O Mr. Jagannath Bharadwaj
5539 Columbia Pike #808
Arlington, VA 22204

Once again, the name Thiruvaheendrapuram should be marked on the check for
proper credit.

Thanks once again.