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From: Vijay Srinivasan (
Date: Sat May 11 1996 - 09:52:13 PDT

Dear Members of the Prapatti Group:

 Salutations to all of you.  I have been busy, the past month, purchasing a 
house.  Through Lord's grace, we plan to move there during the first week of 
July.  It is a bigger accommodation and we would be happy to host any of you, 
if you happen to come this side.  Please give us an opportunity to have your 

 I have been reading the recent postings with great interest.  My son greatly 
enjoys reading Dileepan's postings from Shriman Gopala Desikan's book.  I think 
it is a great service to the youth of our community.  I am also happy to see my 
understanding of our Sampradaya-Vishayam gradually improving through the net.

 I haven't received the entire text of Sri Sadagopan's posting on Mantras, 
Tantras and Agamas.  I just wanted to add an interpretation of Shri Navalpakkam 
Swami on the meaning of Mantras.  The word "tram" means instrument.  An 
instrument to control your mind ('man') is mantram.  An instrument to purify is 
"Pavithram".  However, the question for which we don't get a single answer is: 
What should you meditate on when chanting the mantras.  Some say concentrate on 
the sound.  Some say elongate the pause (or the silence) while repeating the 
mantras.  In "silence" lies the supreme reality!.  Some say meditate on the 
form of the Devata.  For example: I choose to meditate on the beautiful form of 
Sriman Narayana (Dhyeyas sada savithru mandala......) with shanku and chakra 
for the Gayatri Mantra,  Vaikunta Nathan for the Ashtakshara,  Ksheerabdhi 
Sayanan for the Dvayam and Parthasarathy for the Charama slokam.  

Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan

 I didn't receive the entire text of