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Madhuraashtakam : the right version

From: V. Sadagopan (75041.3037_at_CompuServe.COM)
Date: Fri May 10 1996 - 15:16:13 PDT

Dear  Sri Krishna Kalale:
Her eis the right version sung by Smt MSS 
in Balaji malaa  Volume 3:


1. Adharam madhuram vadanam  madhuram
    Nayanam      "               Hasitam         ".
    Hrudhayam   "             Gamanam      "
    Madhuraadhipatehrakilam   Madhuram 

2. Vachanam   Madhuram  Charitam Madhuram
     Vasanam            "             Valitham         "
     Janitham            "              Brahmitam    "
     Madhuraadhipatehrakilam Madhuram 

3. Venur Madhuroh     Renur Madhura:
    PaaNir Maduroh  Paadhaou Madhuram
    Kruthyam madhuram Sakhyam Madhuram
    Madhuraadhipatehrakilam Madhuram

4.Geetam Madhuram Peetham Madhuram 
    Buhktam Madhuram Suptam Madhuram
    Rupam Madhuram Tilakam Madhuram
    Madhuraadhipateharikalm Madhuram

5. DharaNam Madhuram TaraNam Madhuram
    HaraNam Madhuram SmaraNam Madhuram
    Brahmitam Madhuram Sanitam Madhuram
    Madhuraadhipateharikalam Madhuram

6. Kunjaa Madhuraa Maalaa Madhuraa
    Yamunaa Madhuraa Veechi Madhuraa
    Salilam Madhuram Kamalam Madhuram
    Madhuradhipateharikilam Madhuram

7. Gopee  Madhuraa Leelaa Madhuraa
    Yuktam Madhuram Muktham Madhuram
    Dhrushtam madhuram Sishtam Madhuram
    Madhuraadhipateharikhialam Madhuram 

8. Gopaa Madhura  Gaavoh Madhuraa
    Yashtir Madhuraa Srushtir Madhuraa
    Galitham Madhuraa Halitam Madhuraa
    Madhuraadhipatehrakilam Madhuram 

This is a quick rendering of the Ashtakam.
Hope this  arrives in time to be of use to Your wife 
in the Bhajan .