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Sri Mnai"s posting on Azhwaar Pasurams.

From: V. Sadagopan (75041.3037_at_CompuServe.COM)
Date: Fri May 10 1996 - 07:50:03 PDT

Few days ago, Sri Mani shared with us the 
spirit of Joy that he experienced in reading/thinking
about two paasurams of Azhwaar. Sri Krishna Kalale"s 
posting on Maha Viswasam also trigeered my thinking 
on a  deeply moving paasuram of Thirumazhisai Azhwaar
(sixtieth verse of Naanmhkan Thiruvandhaathi ):

AaL paarthu uzhi taruvaai Kandhu koL enrum nin
TaaL paarthu Uzhi taruveEn Tanmayaya - Ketpaarkku
Aru PoruLaai Ninra Arnaganeh Unnai
Viruumbhuvateh viLLehn manam 

Here Azhwaar slautes the parama Kaarunika tatvam 
of the Lord of Srirangam . He describes him as the one 
searching intensively every where and always  for the one ,
 who wants to be his SEvakan and Daasan so that he can
bless him or her. His Vaatsalyam, Bhaktha Daakshinyam is 
referred to in the lines : AaL paarthu enrum uzhi taruvaai .
He checks this one and the next one and goes on looking for the 
Pakkuvam of the Bhakthaas.

In a brilliant Acharya Hrudhayam verse,
Sri Anna Pukahz Udumbhai Azhagiya MaNavaaLa PerumaaL
Naayanar in his commentary on Nammazhwaar Pasuram dealing 
with ThirupuLingudi, Varaguna Mangai and Sri Vaikuntam 
discusses the Bhogya Bhaaga Dwarai(urgency ) of the Lord.  The reference 
is to Nammazhwaar"s Pasuram lines: " PuLingudi Kidanthu ,
VaraguNamangai Irundhu, VaikunthathuLL Ninru" (Verse 9.2.4 
of Thiruvaai Mozhi ).  Here Naayanaar says that  the Lord(Bhoktaa)
was impatiently  waiting for the emergence of the Parama Bhakthi
of Nammazhwaar (Bhogya Bhoothar). Nayanaar says that 
the Lord was like a very hungry man waiting for the rice to be cooked to
perfection. Like one waiting by the fireside taking samples of the 
cooking kernels of rice to see ,whether they are done and ready to eat and
the Lord waited. He lay down at PuLingudi, He He sat next at VaraguNamangai
and finally stood at Sri Vikuntam (one of the Nava Thiruppathis) pacing for the
right time for  Him to enjoy Nammazhwaar . The Lord's PathaRRam 
(anxiety ) waiting for His AaLL (fit Disciple/ Daasa ) is indicated here.
In many verses, the Azhwaar of Thirukkurungudi has described the 
Lord's enjoyment of him.

The word AaLL chosen by Thirumazhisai refers to SatPaatram. 
It is represented by  one who has" Paripakthrima PuNya Labhyam "
In the words of Godha Sthuthi of Swami Desikan. There , He refers to
the Lord of Srirangam impatiently resting at Srirangam , while waiting
for the birth of Godhaa as the daughter of Periyaazhwaar at Srivilliputtur.
Swami says that the Lord of Rangam was repeatedly casting His glances
in the southerly direction to see if AandAL has been  born yet. 

Thirumazhisai describes the Lord"s ceaseless activities in search of
a proper disciple as " Enrum Uzhi Taruvaai " , as the one who is roaming 
forever looking out for that special  Bhaktha.

Next he says " Ketpaarkku Aru PoruLaai Enrum Ninra Aranganeh ".
He salutes the one who plays at Ranga (Rangapura Vihaaran ) ,
as the  one understood by his Bhakthaas as 
the supremely sacred meaning of Pramaanams outlined in
Brahma Sutrams. 

He describes his state and  appeals: " Ninn TaaL Paartthu enrum 
uzhi taruvehn tanmayayai Kandhu KOLL " . The Azhwaar describes 
his state of Daasyam and Maha Viswasam that is implicit
 in that state of  Nitya Kaimkaryam. He says that he will seek
 the Lord"s lotus feet and search every where for them to offer his
Kaimkaryam. He wants the Lord to know his utterly dependent state as 
the Lord of Rangam is searching for him as a fit Paathram to receive
His grace. 

Thirumazhisai concludes this Paasuram by affirming his 
Ananya Bhakthi ( Manam Unnai Virumbhavateh ViLLehn ).
My mind will not look at anything other than gaining You as Praapyam
or the sole  destination .  

The Azhwaar follows the thought of Vedas/Upanishads , 
which say that "Naayam Aatmaa Pravachanena Labhya: ". 
It is rare indeed to hear about You from Sruthi/Smruthi/Puraanam.
Even if one is blessed to hear about You from the above 
sources, It is not easy to understand and recognize you as 
Parama Purushaartham as stated in Purushotthama Yogam of 
Gita. You appear as sweet nectar only to those , who approach 
You with great desire and understand your Pramaanaas. He 
implies that those , who do Yaga and Yajna with out Preethi, 
Priyam and Maha Viswasam have no chance to get his blessings
and describes his SvaYogya Kathanam (his fitness ) and 
reminds the Lord of His Paarardhyam , just as Godhaa Devi
did in Thiruppavai.

Azhwaar Thiruvadigaleh Saranam,

Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan