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Re: Govardhana Hill (mahavishwasa)

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Thu May 09 1996 - 20:42:15 PDT

Jagannathan writes:

>Thus the Govardhana episode tells us that Mahavishvasam is the single
>most important anga of Prapatti.  (Of course Mahavishvasam is
>bolstered by the other angas).  It starts with the faith that our
>scriptures are true, that they are revelations from Narayana, and
>that He will give us Moksham if we do prapatti at the lotus feet of
>the Divya Dampatis, and that their service is the Purushartha to be
>Sri Lakshmi Mukunda swami saranam.
>Sri Lakshmi Nrsimha swami saranam prapadye.

I think this article was very well written.  Mahavishvasam is important.
But I do feel that it is very rare that one can get it.  Acharya's and
Srimannarayana's grace is absolutely necessary.  

Dr. NS anantha rangachar once said in his cassettes:

" What if there is a bus-tour and your are in a queue about to step in to
the bus.  Then the person in front of you says " it seems that one who steps
into this bus cannot come back home again. it is a one-way trip" what will
you do? will you go ahead or say " why should I get on this bus?" .  Most
people will say " I am quite happy here in the world" who wants to talk
about leaving our kids, siblings, friends etc. Even the thought of such
issues is a demented morose fool's stupidity.  who knows what happens after
death.  "every one talks about God.. but who has seen him? and how can we
have faith in an unknown unseen entity?".  Why worry about moksa which is so
ill-defined? let us first work towards our upliftment right here in this
world by working for our careers, money, entertainment and so many thousand
other hobbies which are all concrete and "what you see is what you get"
instead of thinking about fairytales.

 Most people, even though they hear of news of death of others, rarely
realize that it could happen to them too! (Yaksha prasna : what is the most
surprising thing in this universe : "people see others dying so many times
and hardly imagine that it could happen to them.  Srimadbhagawatham
reaffirms that people who do not think about death are like lively deers
frolicking in a forest not knowing that a tiger is just around the corner). 

It seems that one guru told a some one (x). "Look, I will perform prapatti
to you and you will not have any re-birth".  It seems he replied, "what is
the gaurantee that after prapatti, God wont take him a little bit too early
and he may die soon, leaving his little kids and young wife, and
affectionate parents?".  Then the guru replied itseems, " I am a fool since
I talked to you regarding prapatti and moksa"

That's why Yama says to Nachiketa : Ayam loko naasti para iti maani punah
punarvasam aapadyate me" One who thinks that the other world does not
exist.. why work for it,  will come back into my (Yama's) sway again and
again and experience this samsara.

  Why talk about prapatti and mahavishwasa? even the idea of re-birth itself
is an issue of trust on scriptures. Not many people believe in it whole
heartedly. God's existence also needs belief in scriptures! because the
vedantic line on existence of God is- God exists, because scriptures says
so." saastra yonitvat" - as per Brahma sutra. Even knowing God exists, how
many people make effort to look for God, think, and seek God?. This ajnana
is overpowering. Belief in scriptures is a difficult one to impart and to
have in the first place. Those who are parents should make effort to bring
up their kids introducing them to scriptures and a theistic way of life. A
subhasita says : "Maatha satruhu Pita Satruhu baalo yena na paatithaha" -
meaning - "Mother is an enemy,  father is an enemy, who has not taught his
children ( about here and hereafter)". Those who are not parents should try
reading - upanisads like katopanishad, svetasvetara to get this trust.

Trust in spiritual matters comes to people because of satsanga - association
with right people, from constant conversation with enlightened people( and
following with reading or scriptures like srimadbhagawatham ).  Before one
becomes ready to get even interested to talk with enlightened or
knowledgeable people, one has to get freedom from - greed, passion and anger
( the three doors to hell according to Lord Krishna in Bhagawadgita).  Only
one who is free from these three will be even seek spiritual matters. If
one's mind is robbed by passions, how can it turn towards God?

Paramartha stuti beautifully simplifies this process and states:

sat sangaat bhava nispruhaha  gurumukhaat sreesham prapadya atma vaan "

by association of the sadhus, and by losing interest in this material world,
one gets association with Acharyas and then through an acharya, surrenders
to Sreesha (Srimannarayana) and attains "atmahood" ie. the true nature of
jeevatma which is attaining moksa or the full realization of 8 fold gunas -
such as vijaro, vimruthuhu, vishokaha, vihigitsaha, apipaasa, satyakaam,
satya samkalpa - ( free from oldage, death, sadness, hunder and thirst,
attainment of desires which always bring fruit, and have wishes realized).

Krishna Kalale