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Dikshitar"s Krithi on Maha Lakshmi --Part 2.2

From: V. Sadagopan (75041.3037_at_CompuServe.COM)
Date: Wed May 08 1996 - 19:02:28 PDT

Sarana Vaakhyams:
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Adi Sankara offered his eulogy to Maha Lakshmi 
by describing Her as " Naarayana Pranayini , 
Purshottama Vallabhaa, Saarngaayudha Vallabhaa,
Damodhara Vallabhaa and Nandhaatmaja Vallabhaa .
Dikshitar followed this line of thought and saluted 
Maha Lakshmi  as " Varadaraja Gopala Hrudhya 
Sarasija Gruhayaa " in the first line  of the Charanam. 
He recognized Her as the resident in the heart lotuses of
Archaa and Vibhava murthis such as 
Varadarajan and Gopalan.

He announced that Maha Lakshmi gave him Darsanam
while  attired in a dress that is a mixture of Yellow and Red colors.
He describes Her  as : " Haridraa Kumkuma Vastraalankruta
Vigraham ". He confesses that he has been blessed by that
Mangala Vigraham. He recognizes Her as " Daridhra Dukkahdhi
Moordhanyaasiva nigrahayaa bahumanithoham ," He points out
that She as the embodiment of auspiciousness and Wealth
removes all poverty, misery and worries. He also salutes Her
as the most merciful One , who confers Her Anugrahams to Narayana,
Sivaa and Her other  devotees . The corresponding Sahitya
words are: Vara Lakshmyaa , Hari Hara Bhakthaanugrahayaa
Bahumaanithoham ". 

In the rest of the Charana Vakhyams, he recognizes Her 
as the one , whose lotus feet are worshipped by the Devaas
(Suraarchita Padaambhujayaa ) , as the one , who was born as 
the daughter of the milky(Nectar) ocean (Sudhaa Saagara 
Aatmajayaa ) and as the one , who is celebrated by the Devaas as 
the Victorious sister of Siva ( Sura Vinutha Siva Anujayaa, Vijayaa),
Vijaya Lakshmi.

The last Charana Vakhyam is Mayaa Bhijayaa Tvayaa 
Bahumaanithoham ". She  is saluted by Dikshitar as
Vishnu Maayaa , who destroys the false knowledge.
The Bhija Mantram (Seed Utterance) for Maha Lakshmi 
is Lakshmi Bhijam or Maayaa Bhijam (SREEM ).

The mula manthram for Saraswati is Vaak Bhijam;
Sri Lalithaa"s mula mantram is Sakthi Bhijam;
Maha Lakshmi"s mula Manthram is the Maayaa Bhijam.

Sreem is that Maayaa Bhijam, which can be split in to
four parts (S* ,ra, EE, Im )
S* represents Her transcendent divinity of Fortune and Wealth.
"R" stands for Her immeasurable riches. "EE" stands for the 
contented state arising from the acquisition of immeasurable 
wealth through Her blessings. The nasalization "IM " represents the 
removal of poverty , AmangaLam and miseries due to the 
act of worshipping Her. Sri Sooktham states that the recitation 
of the Mayaa Bhijam results in the banishment of hunger, thirst,
the afflictions caused by the five senses, and all the Amangalaas
caused by Jyeshtaa Devi :


Swami Desikan eulogized Her in Srirangam and created a 
rain of gold coins for the benefit of a poor bachelor. Adi Sankara
created a rain of golden Nellikkais by saluting Her through 
Kanaka Taaraa Stotram. 

Dikshitar praises and thanks Maha Laksmi for the special 
Anugrahams . Dikshitar was poor most of his life. He actually
spurned wealth . He refused to approach rich men for favors.
One wonders why he was thanking Maha Lakshmi for her 
Bahumaanams (special blessings). This mystery can be 
resolved as one contemplates on the meaning of  another
Sri Sooktha Rk :


The above mantram states: O Maha Lakshmi of great auspiciousness!
Please bless me not only with wealth as Your devotee , but bless me to
have the greater good fortune of worshipping You every day and 
the blessings and fame that arise from such a worship ". 
Worldly  wealth is given a second place here. The good 
fortune and the fame resulting from worshipping Her is given the 
first place. Dikshitar belonged to this category of worshippers of 
Maha Lakshmi. He did not pray to Her for perishable wealth .

There is an incident in Dikshitar"s life that was the cause of the
creation of this Krithi. Dikshitar had two wives. His first wife was 
dark in color. Dikshitar"s father though that his son was not interested in 
the life as a  married man because of dissatisfaction with the 
dark hue of his first wife. Therefore , he found another wife,
who was fair complexioned . Even then, Dikshitar was deeply involved 
in Sri Vidyaa worship and Puja and did not pay much attention to
conjugal pleasures. His second wife felt that her  husband should 
go to the court of Tanjore king , sing there  and bring wealth home so
she could wear  a lot of Jewelery and golden ornaments. When she 
shared her thoughts with Dikshitar , he was very upset and 
during the evening puja composed a krithi in raga Lalitha 
MANAVAARAYAM TYAJAAMI ".  He went to bed thereafter. During
that night , Maha Lakshmi appeared as Sarvaalankara Bhooshanai
in the dream of the second wife and asked , " O Dear Child! Is this
much of Jewelery sufficient for you? ". The second wife woke abruptly 
from her sleep and fell at the feet of Dikshitar and said to him that all of her

infatuation with gold and jewelery were removed by the auspicious 
darsanam of Maha Lakshmi and Her offer of untold wealth . Dikshitar was
immensely grateful for the blessings of Maha Lakshmi in curing his 
wife's preoccupation with gold and jewels . As a token of his gratefulness,
Dikshitar composed the Dhanyasi Krithi during  the mid morning Puja,
" Mangala Devathayaa Tvyaa Bahumaanithoham "  and offered it  at the 
feet of Maha Lakshmi.

May Her Blessings be with Us always,

Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan.   
Dikshitar and asked her: " Desa