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Concept Virus in IYAL.DOC and VAZHI.DOC

From: K. Srinivasan (
Date: Wed May 08 1996 - 11:13:12 PDT

I think these files came as attachment with one of the mailings in
this list. They contain iyal saatrumuRai and vaazhi thirunaaman in
Tamil script (Adhawin) , for Micro Soft Windows.

McAffee Virus scan for Windows 95 reports that they
both have "Concept Virus". It looks like DOC files can also contain
viruses, since they can contain executable macros and can
be invisible while looking at the text.

Please Note that Adhawin package checks out OK. So the
virus has originated elsewhere.

If any of you still have these files in your attach subdirectory, watch out.
They do not seem to have done any damage so far.

I also suggest the one who sent them out (Dileepan ?) to thoroghly check his
system using the latest version of McAfee Virus for Windows 95.
It can be down loaded from                win95/virus

Thanks for the attention.

Srinivasan K