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An Appeal!

From: V. Sadagopan (75041.3037_at_CompuServe.COM)
Date: Mon May 06 1996 - 04:59:36 PDT

Dear and Valued members of the Bhakthi Group:

I have an appeal to make at the beginnning of this week.
Like many of you, I have also been saddened by the 
unnecessarily sharp exchanges , while discussiong
differences of opinions. 

In  this context, May I appeal to you --one and  all--to
adopt nonconfrontational styles in presentation of 
our views and  agree to disagree instead of carrying
on the exchanges to a point, where  we paint ourselves 
into  corners?

The recent exchanges of posts between Sri Kaushik 
and Sri Vidyasankar was inspiring in the civil  and
scholarly manner in which the debate was conducted.
That was  exemplary. We all learned a lot. We would love to
have more of such discussions,which increase our
understanding of the subject matter.

We have the blessings of  membership, which is unique 
in many ways. Let us accentuate the positive and  learn from
each other in the spirit of Vedic Parayers that we  recite at the 
beginning of Paarayanam  : SAHANAVAVATHU----

Let us pledge to kep this PRIVATE mailing together and 
channel the energies of the members towards a better 
understanding of our Sampradhaayams.

Thank You Sri Mani for bringing us all together from
many parts of this country and abroad . 

Thank You Sri Ramaswamy for a richly informative 
posting on KUlasekhara .

Thank You Sri Rengarajan for informative postings on the 
hoarines of our Divya Desams.

Thank You every one of you for your valued participation.
I am enriched by it very much and hope we can continue to learn from
each other in the days and months ahead.

Best Regards,