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Re: Maha Lakshmi part of Sri Lakshmi Narasimhan

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (MFPD_at_UTCVM.UTC.EDU)
Date: Sun May 05 1996 - 08:31:15 PDT

On 04 May 96 12:44:55 EDT Sri. V. Sadagopan said:
>Sri Dileepan is doing a special srama Daan/Kaimkaryam in posting
>the chapters of Sri V.N.Gopala Desikan"s book and is appealing to
>the interested to send  a small contribution to the
>Ahobila Mutt foundation administerd by Sri Jaganath with
>affection and reverence. I am delighted to contribute to this
>laudable effort and encourage others to contribute .

    I am sure there is nothing in this wonderful book that
    Sri V. Sadagopan does not already know.  Yet he is the
    first to magnanimously respond to the request for contribution
    to the mutt.  In my case, it is this book that channelled
    my interest that was getting dissipated in confusion
    and lack of focus, into Sri Ramanuja Darsanam.  Therefore,
    I pledge to match every dollar that the readers of this
    series contribute to Sri Ahobila Mutt.

-- dhaasan parthasarati dileepan