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A few gems from nammaazhvaar

From: Mani Varadarajan (mani)
Date: Fri May 03 1996 - 15:34:41 PDT

Here are two paasurams from nammaazhvaar's thiruvaaymozhi.
They struck me as remarkable as soon as I read them.
I wanted like to share them with the rest of you.

I will let the poetry of Our Saint speak for itself, and
let those who are more knowledgable in Tamil speak on the
finer sentiments expressed by the aazhvaar.

Please pardon and correct any translation errors.

thiruvaaymozhi 5.4

   oorellaam thunchi yulagellaam naLLiruLaay,
   neerellaam thERiyOr neeLiravaay neendadhaal,
   paarellaa mundanNam paambaNaiyaan vaaraanaal,
   aarellE! valvinaiyEn aavikaap paarinaiyE?	(2)	5.4.1

   aavikaap paariniyaar? aazhkadalmaN viNmoodi,
   maavikaara maayOr valliravaay neendathaal,
   kaavisEr vaNNanen kaNNanum vaaraanaal,
   paaviyEn nenchamE! neeyumbaaNG gallaiyE?		5.4.2

   The whole town is asleep
   The whole world is engulfed in darkness
   All the waters have calmed
   Night stretches into eternity
   The Lord who swallowed the earth sleeps on
          a serpent couch
   Alas! He comes not! Who can save my sinful soul 

   A ghastly pall engulfs the sea, earth and sky
   Stretching into one sinister night
   My golden hued Krishna does not come, alas!
   O sinful heart, you too are not with me;
   Who can save me anymore!

[Translation based on Sri Rama Bharati's rendition of
 the thiruvaaymozhi into English.]

nammaazhvaar thiruvadigaLE saraNam