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From: R. Srikanth (
Date: Fri May 03 1996 - 06:55:01 PDT

Dear Friends,
  I am a new member at the Bhakti-mailing list. My name is R(adhakrishnan)
Srikanth. I am wroking for a PhD in Astrophysics at the Indian Institute of 
Science, Bangalore, India. 

Since my childhood I have wondered at the nature of
Reality, of the Substance that underlies the tangible world. I suspected
that It was quite different from the experience one was usually accustomed
to (ie., I could guess that it was "supra-sensory"). Simultaneously, the 
incidents pertaining to the lives of the Azhwaars, Sri Ramanuja, Lord Rama, 
Srikrishna and other such great personalities inexplicably fascinated me,
although at that time I did not or could not grasp the philosophical and
symbolic implications of the Leelas.
 In my simple view, I
consider that the Formless Absolute ("Para Vasudeva") has manifested Himself
as this universe (= Adhyatma [totality of Jeevas] + Adhibhuta [insentient 
matter]). As a qualified Form, He becomes Lord Vishnu. I have lots
more to expand on this point, which I shall in subsequent mails, if anyone
of you is interested. I am especially interested in understanding how
modern physics can be linked (rather than RECONCILED!!) with the words
of Sri Ramanujacharya and others.

 Unfortunately, I am not deeply knowledgeable in the works of the Azhwaars, 
Sri Ramanujacharya and other illustrious Sri Vaishnavas. I only know a few 
slokas in Tamil and Sanskrit which were composed by Them. I enjoy the deep and 
immediate joy Their songs and poems seem to convey.

Thank you very much.