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Nrsimha Jayanthi
Date: Thu May 02 1996 - 14:54:14 PDT

A lot has been said very eloquently about Lord Nrsimha by Murali.
But today being His Thirunakshatram, (even though Swati is tomorrow,
Sri Ahobila Mutt is celebrating Nrsimha Jayanthi today), I thought I
will add a paragraph.

Most avatAra forms of Narayana we see are with bare feet.  Malola
Lakshmi Nrsimha is however seen wearing Padukas.  This is because He
is always ready to run to the defence of a devotee just as He did for

On this auspicious day I wish to thank Lakshmi Nrsimha Swamy for
protecting me even before I asked for His protection and ensuring
that Maya does not get a total stranglehold of me.

>From experience I can say that He makes sure that we no longer
consider material suffering to be suffering, and secondly, He grants
the 3 kinds of Seva (Bhagavat, BhAgavata and AchArya) instantly upon

There has been some comment on negative postings on this net.  This
can be countered in two ways.

(1) More people post from Upanyasam or whatever they have heard or
read, and

(2) People respond openly on the net how positive postings like those
of Sri Sadagopan and Sri Sampath have affected their lives.