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Date: Wed May 01 1996 - 19:40:45 PDT

Sri Muralidhara Rangaswamy, in his timely posting on Narasimha Jayanti said: 

>>>There is also a Temple in Srirangam where  the Murthis of Sudarshana
Chakram and Lord Narasimhar are seen in a single 
Peetham .<<< 

I have seen a similar Two in One (Narasimhar and Sudarshana Chakram) in the
Pandava Dhootar temple in Kanchi Puram. 

I like to invite you all to the 2 in 1, Narasimha Jayanti and Madhura Kavi
Alwar Thirunakshatram (thanks Sri Ramaswamy for your timely  posting)
 celebrations at  7 PM on May 2 at the Cincinnati Hindu Temple (513-948-4586:
513-528-3714). The Puja will be performed by Sri Narayana Bhattar accompanied
by Sri Srinivasa Bhattar.   The Bhattars native village Suggana Halli (Shuka
Puri of the Puranas) near Bangalore, has a temple of  Narasimhar (in the
pillar) and Garudar.  Apparently, nitya puja in this temple is performed fro
Garudar and most devotees visit only the Garudar in this temple. 

Mr. Narayana Bhattar is an ardent  Narasimha-aradhakar. We in Cincinnati feel
fortunate that Sri Narayana Bhattar will also be present during this

Incidentally,  Sri Shankara and Sri Ramanuja's thirunakshatram (2 in 1)went
on very well at our temple.  Both sri Malolan and Sri Lakshmi Narasimhan (2
in 1) of the Prapatti group partcipated and enriched the celebration.

K. Sreekrishna (Tatachar)