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T vs V

From: krish (
Date: Wed May 01 1996 - 11:27:57 PDT

In one of the recent discussions, one of you remarked that
Thengali's get only get Sama-shranam, but Vadagali's get
prapatti and sama-shranam. Can you elucidate?
I find that most of the discussions on Acharya's and
Alwars are over concerned about their day to day lives and the
miracles and myths taht surround them. Is this  necessary to
imply their achievements?
Soe of the same myths are associated with more than one 
person. I was surprided to read about Kabir, facing the
same struggles as  Prahalada!
Regarding the shtal-puranas, I have never found any reference
to the the great artisans who built them.
Krishna Praba