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Badri's comments

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Wed May 01 1996 - 09:58:13 PDT

Badri wrote:
>arangaththu amudhanAr. madhurakavi says "thEvu maRRu
>aRiyEn". We can quibble much about this point. However do
>you honestly believe that madhurakavi was denying the
>existence of Sriman NArAyanA, and claiming that sadagOpan

Dileepan replied:

 *   Please tell me where I gave such an impression, either
 *  ditrectly or indirectly.

Badri, I think u misunderstood what Dileepan said earlier. he just said 
"I find nothing wrong in celebrating the memory of ones own achaaryaas by
equating them to certain amsaas of the Lord.".
 He just meant to equate and by no means meant to replace the parabrahman. 
Though we cannot extend such celebrations to any logical conclusion,say in a    debate, our sampradaayam has a lot of such. It probably was done to instil more faith into the minds bhakthaas. 

My sincere request to u badri: Please continue to contribute in this group. I   for one and am sure most of others enjoy ur explanations for aazhwaar paasurams esp thirumaalai. U are one of the handful of few who have the bhaagyam of reading Sri periyavaachaan pillai's commentaries and share with us.   continue doing  this contribution..
(Vijay Triplicane)