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From: Vaide Venkatakrishnan (vv_at_grove.ufl.EDU)
Date: Wed May 31 1995 - 23:19:27 PDT


The discussion about 'nappinnai' has kept me thinking about how so many have
so passionately wanted to be with God and have praised/described Vishnu in His
avatars in such innumerable ways. Can those of you who know about SriVaishnavite
philosophy, systematically post its essence in whatever time schedule that is
convenient? - may seem really a basic question and a lot has been said about it
too in this group, but still I would like to see this. Or if it has already
been done ( I did miss some postings) elaborately, can a summary be done?

More urgently than that, I would like to know the various namas by which Vishnu
or Krishna is praised ( pl don't ask me to rfer to Vishnusahasranamam) with
how or why that name is attributed to Him, especially the ones which are not
apparent reading the name? This can also include the names of deities in
various temples.

I am just reminded of that beautiful song:

"enna solli azhaiththaal varuvaayO- nee
eLiyEn enthanai inithu aatkoLLa  (enna)

pannaka sayanaa parama thayaapara
patham paNinthEn naRkathipeRavE naaNn

abhayam enRakari kuthaviya naamam
aarangkin maanam kaththathOr naamam
aranmanaththidai sathaa capiththidum namamO
avaniyOr uraiththidum aayiram naamaththil - nee enna solli azhaiththaal ...

.... .............
it is just so sweet even to think of his namaas. Imagine how wonderful it
would have been to be a gopi, Prahlad, Andal... she seems to be the ultimate
embodiment of loving and being one iwth God.... I don't know how many janmaas
I have to be born to come even close to a tarce of their enlightenment or
unwavering or constant devotion.

Kannanai enna solli azhaiththaal varuvaanO
naan azhaiththaal varuvaanO?