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Re: nappinnai

From: Badrinarayanan Seshadri (
Date: Wed May 31 1995 - 21:05:10 PDT

* Hello,
* 	In what context is nappiNnNnai described in chilappathikaaram? I
* am just curious. does it talk anything about kaNNaNn? this is
* interesting!

Here is the relevent portion from silambu:

vaN_thuzhaay maalaiyai maayavan mElittuth
thaNdaak kuravaithaan uLpaduvaaL - koNdaseer
vaiyam aLandhaan_than maarbil thirun^Okkaap
peyvaLaik kaiyaaL n^appinnai thaan aam_enRE
ai_enRaaL aayar makaL;

this appears in the chapter on aaychchiyar kuravai.
kaNNaki is staying with the aaychchiyar while kOvalan
has gone to sell his wife's anklet. He gets killed
there. Just at the very same time, the aayar/aaychchiyar
find a lot of bad omen, so they decide to pray to the
God of the mullai (pastoral) land - krishna. kuravai
is a form of kooththu.

vaiyam aLandhaan - vaamana/thirivikraman
maayavan - krishnan

There is absolutely no doubt about this legend by the
time of ilangO adikaL. Consider one more interesting
quote from the same chapter.

"kanRu kuNilaak kani udhirththa maayavan"

and refer to aaNdaaL's

"kanRu kuNilaay eRindhaay kazhal pORRi"

* where can we get hold of periya vaachchaan pillai's commentary?
* badri pls post.

I do not really know where one can get piLLai's commentary.
I am getting these books from Cornell University Library.
The publisher and distributor is:

Sri.Krishnaswamy Iyengar, M.A. B.L.
Editor, Sri Vaishnava Sudarsanam
3, Puththur Agraharam, Trichy, 620 017

I am sure, people should be able to get this in Madras too.

* thanks
* viji

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