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From: Triplicane Vijayaraghavan (
Date: Wed May 31 1995 - 17:58:06 PDT

	In what context is nappiNnNnai described in chilappathikaaram? I
am just curious. does it talk anything about kaNNaNn? this is
I think, i heard abt the unNdhu mathagaLiRRaNn paasuram in a radio
commentary during the early morning maargazhi - programme. probably i
hadn't got the full grasp of it. i understood it as ramanujar with his
great devotion, assumed aaNdaaL herself appearing before him and fell on
her feet out of charaNaagathithvam. once this thread is over, dileepan,
can u post  that periya nambi's story? 
where can we get hold of periya vaachchaan pillai's commentary?
badri pls post.

Vijayaraghavan T. R.