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Re: nappinnai

From: Badrinarayanan Seshadri (
Date: Wed May 31 1995 - 12:02:14 PDT

Triplicane Vijayaraghavan <> wrote:

* Hello,
* 	This has reference to badri's posting reg nNappiNnNnai2

* badri wrote:
* nappinnai is not aaNdaaL. aaNdaaL herself refers
* to nappinnai in thiruppaavai on many occasions.


* Just because aaNdaaL refers to nappinnai, i dont think that way.

[and some more arguments as well as anecdotes suggesting that
 nappinnai refers to aaNdaaL, deleted]

* viji

There is not much of an argument here. aazhvaarkaL as well as
other poets well before aaNdaaL's time have mentioned pinnai
in their copious works. Chronologically, paripaadal precedes
the entire aazhvaar works and I suspect the same must be true
of silappadhikaaram. As Dileepan mentioned clearly, both
these ancient thamizh works mention pinnai. periyaazhvaar
does, and he might have done that even before the birth of
aaNdaaL. So aaNdaaL is not nappinnai.

That said, aaNdaaL could have very well wanted to act the
part of nappinnai. She does indeed consider herself as a
gopika in aayarpaadi just as periyaazhvaar imagined himself
to be yasOdhai. That does not make periyaazhvaar, a yasOdhai
and likewise, aaNdaaL, a nappinnai.


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