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From: Ranga Satagopan (
Date: Tue May 30 1995 - 13:02:39 PDT


>  thaNnthuNai aayar paavai nNappiNnNnai thaNnakkiRai maRRaiyORkellaam
>  ...
> here nNappiNnNnai is referred to as the aayar girl to which aaNdaaL

  Doesn't "aayar" refer to the cowherd tribe to which Yashoda/Nandagopan
  belonged? I always thought so due to the association between "Aayppadi"
  and Krishna. If that is so, AandaaL cannot be the one referred to, she
  being the daughter of Periyaazhwar, a brahmin. Infact, this reference
  of Tirumangaiyazhwar seems to indicate that Nappinnai could be Radha!

  Also, what are the relative times in which Tirumangaiyazhwar and AandaaL
  lived? Even if T. aazhwar is of a later period, would AandaaL have been
  so famous a devotee by then that he would refer to her in his pasuram?

- Ranga
Ranga Satagopan

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