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From: Vaide Venkatakrishnan (vv_at_grove.ufl.EDU)
Date: Sat May 27 1995 - 15:12:58 PDT

This is in response to a couple of mails - I was out of town and could not
reply earlier.  

One was on the info Arun wanted - I guess he has gone to India already, but for
those interested: No Math has to the best of my knowledge its hqrs in Madras.
There is a Ahobila Math running on a skimpy budget in Car Street in Triplicane.
The celebrtae grandly Sri Vedantha Desikan function coinciding with his
Janma nakshathram for 10 days. There are a couple of other days celebrated,
but I don't remember which ones - definitely Nrisimha Jayanthi. The daily
pooja goes on, but otherwise except on some special days, you don't even
see Vedaparayana Goshti there. At any given day though a few of them gather at
its footsteps. Must have seen grander days - have special vahanams gathering dust.
dust. Mainly run by the efforts of one persons family - he must be atleast
75 now. My grandparents house shares its front wall with the back wall of this
math and we used to come into it or commute through it to Car Street! The
saththumurai and rendering is done very loudly and great unison during the
10 day festival.  Gets special attention when Jeer or Andavan visit Trip.

Has no book stall.

There is a Yathugiri Yethirajar Mandap across the temple by the side of the
Hanuman Temple. has more funds and a lot more active. I believe it has a
book stall, not completely regulated though. Used v often as a Kalayan Mandap.

Here's is Sri Nrisimhashtakam. When I saw the mail, I realized I had not
recited in a very long time. Since I only recite them silently, I had to
try several times before I could write down the words. I cannot guarantee
that it is without errors- but this is what I know:

yasya bhavath bhaktha jaNnaarthi hanNthu:
pithruthva maNnsEshva vicarya thoorNam
sthambhEva thaaras sthamaNnaNnya lakyam
lakshmi nrisimha
lakshmi nNrisimha charaNam prapathyE

srimatha kalaNGka paripoorNa sasikOdi
sridhara maNnOhara chataapatala kaanNtha
paalaya kripaalaya pavaamputhi nNimakNnam
thaythya varakaala nNrisimha nNrisimha

paatha kamala vathaNna pathaki jaNnaaNnam
paathaka thavaNnala pathathri varakEthO
paavaNna paraayaNa pavarththi harayaamam
paahi kripayayva nNrisimha nNrisimha

thuNGka nNagapaNGthi thaLithaasura varaaskrith
paNgka nNavakuNgkuma vibhaNGkila mahOra
   G           G
paNditha nNithaaNna kamalaalaya nNamastE
paNGkaja nNishaNNa nNrisimha nNrisimha

mouLishu vibhooshaNa mivamaravaraaNaam
yohi krithayaseshu sirassu nNigamaaNnam
rajatharavinNtha ruciram patha yugamthE
thehi mamamoorthNni nNrisimha nNrisimha

vaarija vilOchaNna masanNthima thasaayaam
klEsa vivaseekrutha samastha haraNaayam
yEhi ramaya sahacharaNya vihakaaNnam
nNaatha mathiruhya nNrisimha nNrisimha

haataka kreeta varahara vaNnamaala
thaara racannaa maharakuNtala maNeethraihi
pooritha masEsha nNilayam thavavapurmE
cEthasi sahaasthu nNrisimha nNrisimha

inNthu ravipaalaka vimOcaNna ramaaya:
manNthira mahaapuja lasathvara rajaaNGka
sunNthara siraaya ramathaam thvayimaNnomE
nNanNthitha surEsa nNrisimha nNrisimha

maathava mukunNtha mathusoothaNna muraarE
vaamaNna nNrisimha charaNam pavanNathaaNnaam
kaamatha kriNim nNikilapaathayugamthE
kaalama marEca nNrisimha nNrisimha

(read 3rd line last words  .. paathakayugamthE)

ashtakamitham sakala paathaka payakNnam
kaamatha masEsha thurithaamaya ripukNnam
yaphpatathi sanNthaNna masesha nNilayamthE
kaccathi pathamsa nNrisimha nNrisimha.

(I counted 9 stanzas apart from palasruthi - so I don't know whether this
is indeed called nNrisimhashtakam - but that's my best recollection)

If someone has time please post the meaning.

Om Sri Lakshmi nNrisimha parasmai brahmaNE nNama:

Vaidehi V.