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From: Narayanan, Neera J (NNARAYAN_at_NMU.EDU)
Date: Wed May 24 1995 - 11:05:11 PDT

Hello All, I have a very basic question regarding faith.
In our religion the utmost important point to reach is
realization and absolute faith rather than intellectual
explanations which supposedly helps us to understand
Brilliant pieces as the paasurams written by our
aazhvaars and Ramunuja's philosophies are quite
scholarly and fascinating. They were the lucky
CHOSEN/selective blessed souls who were given the
opportunity to unite one with Bhagawan.  In all
practicality what does it mean to us? By merely
analyzing the poetic forms and deciphering their
intricate meanings, enhances our appreciation
but what does it realistically mean to us?
In other words, how exactly does thier preachings/
apply to our modern world/society?  It is obvious
that we are surrounded by chaos (figuratively), and
the underlying message is "WE SURRENDER TO OUR LORD"
Easy said than done as the cliche goes, I'd like to
know the how and the why parts, Well, more importantly
the how part?Yes, every individual has his/her own
path that one would have to do soul searching etc.
For how long would that be?  eternity?
Supposing hypothetically, one approximately figures
out that if he/she does x,y,x things, chances are
they are hopefully in the right path.
But......... a zillion impedements, distractions, confusions,
chanllenges(tests by God) serve as constant hinderances
virtually driving one to athiesm (transiently) until
the person reverts back to his/her senses.
Supposedly prayers/poojas alone does not suffice
for an individual to attain this absolute faith.
Any suggestions???????? Meditation is simply too
hard.  Surely, there are other alternatives.
Prayers are one way to escape mundane reality
and helps us attain a blissful content state.
Ironically, the more I pray things worsen
for me.  Why?  Neeraj