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srimad bhagawatam

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Mon May 22 1995 - 12:17:55 PDT

have you people read the stories of Rishabha,  Jadabharatha , vritrasura and
chitraketu?  they are all in the srimadbhagavatam.  IF you read a original
translation or it it will be delightful.  For me, it seems that they are
probably the most delightful pieces of information to any bound soul anywhere
inthe universe.  If you read and understand the philosophical gems spread
across the story lines, it will be most rewarding.  These stories and others
of srimadbhagawatam is a treat for the whole family kids and adults alike.

I am reading one translation of - swamy tapasyananda of ramakrishnashrama.
I think he has done an excellent job.  in areas where philosophical issues
are dealt, the book and the original seems to be very advaitic.  But in my
opinion the meanings ascertain visistadvaitic perspective.  This understanding
of this subject needs a lot of contemplation and learning from appropriate

I suggest you to read this book if you can find one.  this should be
available in any vivekananda center in US or in India. In india the cost
in ramakrishna ashrama is about 400rs.