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From: Ranga Satagopan (
Date: Fri May 19 1995 - 15:45:04 PDT

Hello all,

I am the most recent member of this list. My name is Rangarajan, Ranga
being the popular abbrev. I came to the USA in Fall 92 for my Master's
in CS and have recently started working in Cambridge(Boston) with
Cambridge Technology Partners.

My ancestral place is a village called Serankulam, near Mannargudi. I have
never been there, though. Affiliations : tenkalai, Vaanamaamalai math. My
family is quite orthodox and religious, but I have never been deeply
religious myself. I sort of alternate between theism and agnosticism, 
usually turning to God in moments of crisis :) As such, my understanding 
of the Vaishnava philosophy is limited, something that I have come to regret 
of late. My interest in this group is primarily knowledge rather than any 
deep religious involvement. I guess that will come eventually, with better 
appreciation of the philosophy.

It is nice to know that there are so many people interested in Vaishnava
philosophy. Thanks to Mani for initiating this effort, and I look forward 
to learning a lot. I guess I have missed many interesting discussions on
this list so far. Is there an archive available where I can pick them up
from? Also, I have seen many references to "prapatti". What exactly does
that mean?

Ranga Satagopan

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