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Re: Books on Sri Vaisnavism

From: Sudarshan Iyengar H3-378 (
Date: Tue May 09 1995 - 12:03:09 PDT

Mani wrote ......
> [....]

  > I have not been to the Jayalakshmi Indological Book House, 
  > but Sudarshan (who is on this list) has and found some good books:

> [....]

      Jayalakshmi Indological Book house is in a small street opposite to
the famous Luz Anjaneyar Kovil. I forget the name of that street but this
book-store is in the phone book. (It is on the first floor of a residential

   Other sources for some books :

1) The Visistadvaita Pracharini Sabha, 27,Venkatesa Agraharam,  
Mylapore, Madras-4.

2) Sri Visistadvaita Research centre, Dr. Rangachari road, Madras-16.

   Mani's list covered a good number of books. Here are a few more that I
   remember :

1) "A Dialogue on Hinduism" by V.N. Gopala Desikan
    This is a simple Question & Answer type book on Hinduism with
    focus on Visistadvaita. (Available at #2 location above)

2) "Fundamentals of Visistadvaita Vedanta" by S.M. Srinivasa Chari. 
    This is a very good book on the fundamentals of our philosophy 
    and is based on Tatva Mukta Kalapa of Sri Vedanta Desika.
    (available at Motilal Banarasidas)

A good source for many books here in the US :

           South Asia Books,
           P.O. Box 502,
           Columbia, Missouri 65205
           Phone: (314)474-0116
           Fax  : (314)474-8124