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Books on Sri Vaisnavism

From: Arun Sridharan (arun_at_MSMS.DoE.k12.MS.US)
Date: Sat May 06 1995 - 14:14:50 PDT

	I am going to Madras in about a week, and while I am there
i want to get hold of some good books on Sri Vaisnavism.  I would like
to get hold of an English translation of th Sri Bhasya.  I would really
appreciate it if you could suggest to me books that are suited for a beginner
as well as those at a more advanced level.  Are there any particular 
book stores in Madras that are worth going to.  I am very keen on 
obtaining English traslations of works, preferably written by 
someone in the parampara.  Also, I was wondering if there was a Sri Vaisnava
Math in Madras.  I would really appreciate it, if some of you more 
experienced people could give me some pointers.

Arun Sridharan


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